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Mary your Mother who loves you

Mary your Mother loves you in a way that you can not imagine the splendor, but also the immense joy, of being able to speak to you through the words of the messenger.

It is infinitely precious to me to transmit to you this Love that I have for all beings on this world but also on the other side of the veil, to transmit my Love, my Faith in the Light in your heart to you which is really this splendor, that strength and power that will bring Beings to the awakening of the planetary consciousness of Christ Jesus as the cosmic Christ in you.

Mary, Queen of Angels, is with you with the heavenly Hierarchy of Light of those whom you call in your heart, of those whom you love and of what you share with them who is the real will to accept to welcome the splendor of the Holy Fire of the heart of the AIN SOPH OR, of the heart of the Central Sun which is relayed by the Elohim, the Archangels, the Angels, the Beings of Light and all the Beings who, near you, through the Lords of the elements , bring you a greater understanding of your ability to radiate, project Divine Love through your heart chakra, through your third eye chakra as a perfection of the Elohim's Divine Creators who inspire you, guide you, and give you that strength and courage to connect to your Presence I Am I Am or Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh to yourselves.

Beloved Hearts of Light, this Energy of my Love is present so that you can understand, integrate that this earth is transformed, is realized in a more beautiful manifestation, greater where the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Purity realizes a splendor of which you can not imagine either the greatness or the opportunity that Mother Earth gives you in order to ascend into the higher dimensions or the dimensional ascension of your own body through your DNA of Light with this Love Merkabah that surrounds you .

Beloved Hearts of Light this energy of Mary blesses you and gives you this grace to understand and integrate the splendor and Light of the AIN SOPH GOLD into yourselves, through you and by you, to bless the whole earth and all that it contains.

Mary who loves you and who blesses you.

Channeled by Bernard

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